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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

(Frequently Asked Questions)

I am a first time visitor to your site...what can / should I do?

Welcome to Trading Faith (TF), and I hope that you enjoy the site! Please follow the suggested starting path as I have outlined below as a Free Trial Member to understand the TradingFaith vision and purpose.

Read through these FAQ's, the Testimonials and Memberships Areas on the Site.

Review everything under the Samples Area 

Order my book "God's Rhythm" The Key to Prosperity for this Age.

Sign up for a 1 week (5 trading days)  Free Trial, and attend everything that is available to you as a Free Trail Member.

I am a new Free Trail Member...what can /should I do?
#1. Participate in the Thursday and Friday morning Live TradingRoom class/ session. These sessions are held from 9:30 to 10:30 am ET. You will receive an automatically generated email invitation to these sessions.
#2. Watch the posted Stock Market Video Recaps that are available in the Nightly Recap area on the site. These Recaps date back to the beginning of TF and are a solid foundation of understanding concerning God's Rhythm and how the market flows to it from a bigger picture perspective.
#3. Review the videos etc available in the  "Samples" area on the site. If you have any problems viewing the videos in this Sample area...please see that discussion below.

#4. Review the "Mentoring & Membership" area on the site, where we discuss the Personal Mentoring program and the different memberships that are available.

#5. Read through the "Testimonial" area on the site.

Consider my book "God's Rhythm" "The Key to Prosperity for this Age", which is available to provide a full understanding concerning the TradingFaith vision! 

What type of computer or internet connection do I need?

Most computers that are no more then a few years old will probably work, with the following configuration; Pentium grade with 1 meg ram memory. You need to have a High speed internet connection to watch the videos and when you start watching the charts and trading in "real time". You will need to use Internet Explorer. AOL and Norton Antivirus are notorious for causing problems on the TradingFaith site as well as with trading software.

I am having trouble watching the Recaps or any of the Videos.

First be sure to Login.  The videos are designed to work using Microsoft's Internet Explorer Browser. Visitors using Mozilla, AOL or other browsers may have difficulties. You need to have a High speed internet connection to watch the videos. An inability to view the Recaps during your Free Trial or the class example videos in the Samples area (which are available anytime to anyone) exposes a technical/security/configuration issue on the visitors computer. These issues can be...Internet Connection, Active X, Browser or Security configuration issues. The problem is compounded when a computer's update/upgrade process will implement higher security measures in an attempt to protect delivery of web content...ie, stopping streaming videos from TF. The site uses standard Windows Media Player as the player to store and playback all pre-recorded class archive sessions. We use Windows Media Player as the students require full screen resolution as opposed to a small thumbnail playback video. Windows Media Player provides this as well as also providing the student, when reviewing pre-recorded class sessions, the ability to start/stop/pause/FF and Rewind the session. These things are crucial for the student. Unfortunately it is impossible for anyone from TF to diagnose or repair any of these potential techinical configuration issues. The TF students as well as visitors from all over the world are able to view the online videos using standard Windows Media Player...nothing special, unique or malicious.  You may also need to update your Windows Media Player. There is a link to upgrade your Windows Media Player directly below the videos offered on TradingFaith. A Free Trial membership is limited and cannot access the class archives. Please see the Free Trial area and the top of this FAQ area to see full details of what a Free Trial membership offers.

How Do I watch the Stock Market Video Recaps?

The Stock Market Video Recaps are a a full Video/Audio version of a "Newsletter or Recap". It is recorded and posted as needed for the intended purpose of reviewing the Markets movement in preparation for the next days  action. To watch a Recap, You simply need to have an active membership and then Login to the site. You can do this by clicking on the "Login" link on the top left side of the Home Page of TradingFaith. Then, follow the "Nightly Recaps" link under the Main Menu on the left hand side of the Home Page of TradingFaith. 

How do I gain access to the morning "Live Trading Room"  session where I can Listen to the Live Market Commentary and watch the "LIVE Screen/ Chart Display" ?

The Live Trading Room is held for 1 hour, every weekday ( except holidays) from 9:30am to 10:30am ET. Students with Level 1 memberships (Thursday session only), students with Levels 2-4 memberships (Monday through Friday sessions) are allowed access to the Live Trading Room where the students can access the "Live Market Commentary" and  the "Live Screen/ Chart Display. The links and information for access  is sent via an invitation email to the students. The students call the phone number to be part of the Live Market Commentary and simply click on the  link contained in the email  to see the Screens/ Charts " Live and in Real Time" . To sign up for a Level 1 Membership...simply follow the  "Upgrade Your Current Membership" on the left hand side of the TradingFaith Home Page . A "Free Trail" is offered and required before a student can sign up for any of the TradingFaith memberships. You can read more about the personal mentoring program and the memberships by following this link: 

When are the Live Online WTTCM Classes held and how to I get into them?


The WTTCM Live online Continued Education Class is held every Tuesday at 9:00 pm ET. ( Level 4...1 hour)

The complimentary Ninja Software Training class offered by Tim from Gentry Financial is held most Wednesday's at 8:00pm ET. This class is not officially part of the mentoring program at TF.  It is offered as a courtesy by Tim from Gentry Financial to those students that use Gentry Financial and the Ninja software as their platform. If you choose to use a different broker and software platform, then you will need to find software training offered by them.         (Levels 1-4... 1 hour)

The WTTCM Live online Personal Mentoring Class is held every Thursday at 9:00 pm ET. (Levels 2-4... 2-3 hours)

You will receive an email the day of the class with a link for attending. The email is automatically generated from the site and will be sent to the email that you have in your profile on TF.

You can change details of your profile by going to the Home Page of TF and clicking on the "Your Account" link at the top of the page and then click on the "Edit Profile" link.

To review a sample of the WTTCM classes please follow this link:


Do I have to go through Level 1 before going on to Level 2?

No. Level 1 is not a mandatory step before Level 2. Level 1 has been designed for those that want to get a better feel for what we are doing at TradingFaith before making a commitment to the Level 2 and Level 3 Mentoring Program. However, You do need to go through Level 2 before Level 3... and Level 3 before Level 4.  

How Much money do I need to open an account?

Every Broker is different, and their account requirements are often subject to change.  You can contact Tim Gentry which is the broker that Greg as well as other students of TF use at http://kingsview.com/author/tgentry/ or 1-815-929-9840 to discuss account requirements as well as discuss required trading software etc.
 The Broker and Software that the trader/ student uses is their individual decision. TradingFaith cannot and does not reccomend any specific broker or trading software. 

How can I receive the Demo Software where the trader can watch charts and simulate trading?

You will need to contact a trading software supplier directly (ie Ninja) or by contacting a broker like Time Gentry ( http://kingsview.com/author/tgentry/ ) to receive the required trading software and discuss the requirements for Free Demo Software period. The simulator mode is an option with some trading software applications that will provide the way to trade fake money to practice before your account is funded and open. 

Once you fund and open a trading account, the trading software with Live Market Streaming Data traditionally has a monthly charge. Once you open your account, most trading software applications allow you to trade with real money or allow a practice mode with fake money also called a simulator mode. Tim can discuss these details and more.

Once I receive my demo Software, what do I do next?

If you are using Ninja trading software then, Under the Samples area on the TradingFaith Main Menu, click on the Ninja Software Training Link.

Also, you can attend the complimentary Software training class offered by Tim Gentry. His class is offered most Wednesday's at 8:00pm ET . The day that the class is offered you will receive an email with an invitation and link. You can contact Tim directly at 1-815-929-9840 to find out what his class schedule is.

Where can I get more information on the Eminis?

Click on the following link:

How Long should I expect to be involved in the personal mentoring training process?

The student needs a minimum commitment of 3-6 months, with the possibility of 6-12 months and 8-12 hours a week to the learning process and journey to learn "God's Rhythm", which is the first phase. The secound phase where the students face the emotions when trading real money is discussed below. The student should be prepared, and diligently commit themselves to this amount of time. The more time the student can spend utilizing the services offered by TradingFaith, including the live and archived classes, will prove beneficial. Also, a commitment to spending time watching the live screens/ charts, what we call “screen time” is important. The student needs to also embrace, that during the natural learning process and journey, they will probably loose money, or have “drawdown” in their account. All students need to understand that trading is risky and we are not making any specific recommendation to buy or sell, and that the efforts of TradingFaith is to train the student concerning 

"God's Rhythm" 

A Trading Strategy.

One aspect to help lay a correct foundation in entering the mentoring program is that each student should have at least $7,000 to $10,000 for the training journey. This helps give the student the proper mental attitude concerning the financial aspect of starting a trading business.  This amount of money padding, gives the trader the money to both go through the mentoring program as well as fund their account for the learning process and journey. The trader must consider and treat trading as a business...and startup capital is a requirement for any business.

The student needs to take full responsibility for their trading decisions and resist the impulse to become frustrated, find blame, and compare themselves to the other students during their training journey. 

The student should possess patience, and be able to manage their emotions while having the ability to focus, and step back to see the bigger picture without getting caught up in the details, being over analytical. The students should also feel  called to the ministry of giving, and to be a financial blessing, to fund the "Spreading of the Gospel" and to do "Good Works". It is also beneficial that the student have familiarization with a computer. The student also needs to understand that they will be presented with choices in a "real time" trading environment. Being able to make decisions is a critical skill that the student will need...to be successful.

Students do have the potential to lose large sums of money. This is because, they do not honor/respect protective stops and try to swing for the fence on trades. These things are not taught at TF. There are other reasons that traders struggle to be successful and consistant, to this issue... consider these things:
Almost without exception the students of TF will state that the financial markets flow to "God's Rhythm", day after day after day. Also,  students of TF will state that they have been successful learning and executing "God's Rhythm" using a simulator (fake money).
So the question is... if a student will see and learn "God's Rhythm", and is then able to execute and be successful with fake money...then why do any traders fail at becoming consistent at flowing to "God's Rhythm" and eventually stop trading? 
Yes, some students have stopped trading once they have gone live trading real money. They have not been able to become consistent executing "God's Rhythm". The struggle for these students comes down to the emotional issues that each trader faces with real money at risk. We try as best we can to address these emotional struggles by spending time with the students every single trading day in a Live Trading environment, helping them to learn, and execute "God's Rhythm"...replacing emotional issues with confidence etc.

However, each student has to deal with these emotional issues/struggles for themselves to become consistent and successful. There are no guarantees that the student will succeed concerning the true emotional struggle. Unfortunately, seeking a conversation with current students looking for validation/reassurances, or documented historical financial results proof etc, etc, etc... will not answer this question for the new student. The real issue is; not how other students are responding to the emotional struggle of trading...but how will you? And any endeavor from TF to provide such things would be profoundly wrong for the student that would base their involvement on such validation...only to find that they cannot work through the true emotional struggles.

The students goal is to capture 2 points each day (manna for the day) and then walk  away...and each and every day gives dozens and dozens of opportunities to capture these points based on "God's Rhythm" and the triggers that are taught in the  mentoring program. Again, The students do not struggle learning "God's Rhythm", or successfully capturing points with a simulator (fake money)...their  struggle  is almost exclusive to negative emotions. Learning to capture these points creates confidence...confidence eliminates all  the negative emotions. This conservative daily goal also allows the students to more then fulfill their calling and vision.
There are three legs to the training journey. One leg is learning the "Trading Software". Another is learning "God's Rhythm" and the " Trading Strategy". Another is learning to take the knowledge of God's Rhythm and be able to both "Navigate" and "Execute" in a "Live" market environment that is constantly moving and flowing to God's Rhythm.
Every trader is different and has a different journey.




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Published on: 2006-05-20 (23690 reads)

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