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"God's Rhythm"

"The Key to Prosperity for this Age"


Book Reviews

As a believers, my wife and I are a couple who has felt the calling on their life and a gifting for giving.  We have gone as far as to start a business to provide giving opportunities, but knew the harvest field of our business was going to be always limited by this world.  We had been praying for years for the answer to this limitation and God has given it to us and the world.  Greg's book is a Word from God!!!!  If you have a calling on your life for giving and planting finances into the Kingdom to fulfill Duet 8:18, then you must read this book.  God has revealed to Greg, His (God's) Rhythm and how it unfolds in an unlimited harvest field.  No other book provides believers with a God given road-map to their destiny call of raising money to plant into the Kingdom like this book.  Praise the Lord for this man and his obedience in bridge the gap between the Body of Christ and the financial markets ... our world as we know it will never be the same.

Phoenix, Arizona


Your book, “God’s Rhythm,” is a great introduction to what Trading Faith is all about. When I read it, it really got me thinking about the possibilities for providing not only an income for my family, but the funds to expand my giving to Christian ministries. The content of the book is not just “pie in the sky” but down-to-earth steps any Christian can take to develop into a successful “Trader for the Master.” Thank you for your dedication to the vision of Trading Faith and to the students you train.

Graeagle, California


"Great book with a unique and inspiring perspective on God's plan of prosperity for His followers and His kingdom. In an hour and a half I learned more about my potential place in the market than I learned in the previous 38 years. Great stuff concise, and to the point. I keep it in my computer bag for reference and inspiration purposes. God's Rhythm, Wow! God's Rhythm works! I get it now! I never thought of it that way... Amazing stuff. I can't wait to start "Trading for the Master"! Thanks Greg!"

Clayton, California


"God's Rhythm" - "The Key to Prosperity for this Age" is a concise overview of the incredibly simple, yet powerful combination of technology, financial leverage and  trading system "God's Rhythm" that allows anyone who desires, the opportunity to be mentored to become a successful trader.  A quick read that outlines the first steps of a journey to become a "Trader for The Master", becoming an ambassador in your circle of influence, bridging the gap between the financial markets and the Body of Christ, thereby fulfilling the spreading of the Gospel. 

New River, Arizona


Book "Forward"   

This book was written to capture and express the vision that God has birthed, created, and is currently unfolding before me through TradingFaith. Since 1998 I have had countless conversations where I have had the opportunity to share this vision. The fulfillment of this vision, and the movement that is currently underway through the students of TradingFaith is simply wonderful, and what I will be sharing with you in these pages. I believe the Body of Christ is about to move into an area of financial outpouring that the scriptures speak of. The wealth of the world is, for the first time in history, available and literally at our fingertips (Proverbs 13:22). This book in very practical terms discusses this reality, and how to actually seize it!

Each person that hears and responds to this vision is responding to the calling of the Holy Spirit to fund the “Spreading of the Gospel”, and to do “Good Works”. The great Commission to the Ministry of Reconciliation is our calling. It is the time for the Church to take the place and position that it should be walking and functioning in.  


What a privilege and testimony to the world it will be for the Church to undertake the financial affairs and burdens that the Governments and States have had to bear.  


God wove a Rhythm into the very fabric of creation. Six days of creation, One day of rest. At TradingFaith we have named this “God’s Rhythm”; or, the law of “Growth and Rest”. “God’s Rhythm” is evident everywhere in our physical world. Some examples include, our need for rest, our bodies DNA/ physical geometry, the expansion of the universe, athlete’s performance, plant growth, relationships, church revival etc.


The financial markets along with other “Price Driven” things also flow to “God’s Rhythm”. This includes realestate, gold, silver, currencies, oil, and the stock market etc.  


The students of Trading Faith dedicate themselves to a minimum 2 1/2 month in-depth personal mentoring program to learn how the financial marketplace (stock market) flows to “God’s Rhythm”. The mentoring trains them to become a “Trader for the Master”, able to raise the finances needed to do “Good Works” and “Spread the Gospel”. The mentoring is a personal, live, “Hands On/ How To” approach. What we call at TradingFaith…”Practical Prosperity”.  


The students are also preparing to be ready, in season and out, as S&P market experts/specialists, to discuss with authority how the market place flows to “God's Rhythm”. Students accept the role and calling to become Ambassadors, bridging the gap between the Body of Christ and the financial markets. 


This book and the efforts put into the creation and maintance of TradingFaith is dedicated to training the Body of Christ to become “Traders for the Master”.  


The financial markets hold the answer, and believers simply are not aware of this. They are also not aware that the financial market place is flowing to “God’s Rhythm”. It is my goal through this book to change this. 


There are three basic ways outside of having a JOB to gather wealth. Owning a business, realestate, and the financial markets. The misunderstandings and simple ignorance concerning Wall Street, trading/traders, and the markets flow etc. have kept the church from receiving from the financial markets as one way of fulfilling our calling and purpose. 


 I am committed to this cause, and believe that this truly is the first time in history that the wealth of the world is literally right at our fingertips. 


I felt that I should not write this book until the truths in this book were more then just ideas or vision, but a reality. What you will experience, as we proceed, and by visiting TradingFaith, is that the vision has become a reality through the personal mentoring program, and the students of TradingFaith.  


It was the personal mentoring that had to be in place, fully functioning and successful before I could write this book. This book contains the foundational truths and concepts from the personal mentoring program at TradingFaith. 


We are about to embark on a journey that is so practical that at the end of this book you will know exactly what steps to take to become a “Trader for the Master”.


This book is dedicated to not just share the vision, but to give you the practical steps necessary so you can take part in this financial outpouring if you are being called to participate 


I sincerely pray that the words in this book will spark a vision in you, as well as a burden to pray for both TradingFaith and the dedicated, faithful, courageous students of TradingFaith.   


This is a very exciting time that we live in, and God is looking for those that want to participate. Hang on, “Practical Prosperity” here we come! 


May God Bless your seed, fields, and all that you put your hands too. 





Greg's Book

"God's Rhythm"

The Key to Prosperity for this Age


(PDF Version)



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Published on: 2007-11-30 (21300 reads)

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