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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

(Frequently Asked Questions)

What Memberships are offered at TF?

The Live TradingRoom/ Level 1 membership is the only offering.

What time is the Live TradingRoom/ Level 1 membership offered?
The sessions are held from 9:30 to 10:30 am et. You will receive an automatically generated email invitation to these sessions.
The video Chart Screen sharing starts at 9:30 am et. The audio portion begins at 9:45 am et. 
The session ends at 10:30 am et ish.

What type of computer or internet connection do I need?

This question is best answered by the broker/software provider that you are using to execute your trades.

Which Broker/ software should I use?

We cannot recommend any paticular broker or software for trading purposes.
Most of the traders involved with TF are using Ninja for both the software and broker services.

Why Ninja?
The trader should conduct their own research here. Ninja, does offer a simulator, and previous historical days data that a trader can practice with. 
What data do I need from my Broker?
We exclusively trade the S&P 500 futures contract. as well as watch the S&P 500 Index.  Your broker can discuss the monthly cost of this data.

How Much money do I need to open an account?

Every Broker is different, and their account requirements are often subject to change.  You will need to contact your broker to discuss this, as well as intraday vs. overnight margin requirements.


Do I need to setup an account with a Broker right away?

No, you can come into the Live TradingRoom and watch until you feel comfortable enough to open your own account. Ask your Broker if they offer a free trial on their software?

Where can I get more information on the Eminis?

Click on the following link:

How Long should I expect to be involved in the Live TradingRoom until I learn the Buying signals?

Every student is different. The goal in the Live TradingRoom is to point out where the buying opportunities are, not to train the methods. I do add color and instruction on the markets flow which creates the buying opportunities, however, training is not the priority. With time the member will be able to find these buying opportunities for themselves. 

One aspect to help lay a correct foundation in entertaining trading as a small business, is being adequately capatilized. This helps give the student the proper mental attitude concerning the financial aspect of starting a trading business.  The trader must consider and treat trading as a business...and startup capital is a requirement for any business.
All small businesses have three major components: 
The most important of these for the small business trader is Risk.
The buying opportunities pointed out in the Live TradingRoom session are called with MINIMIZING RISK being the primary focus.

During our Live TradingRoom session, there ar an average of 5 buying opportunities pointed out that can be exercised by the trader. Each of these trades has a set minimized risk as well as a profit target.

The buying/trading opportunity along with it's associated risk and profit target are discussed in the live tradingroom live as it unfolds.

The student needs to take full responsibility for their trading decisions and resist the impulse to become frustrated, find blame, and compare themselves to the other traders.

The trader should possess patience, and be able to manage their emotions while having the ability to focus, and step back to see the bigger picture without getting caught up in the details, being over analytical. 
  Traders do have the potential to lose large sums of money. This is because, they do not honor/respect protective risk/ stops and try to swing for the fence on trades. These things are not advised in any way shape or form at TF. 




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Published on: 2006-05-20 (29435 reads)

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